The Park

The Park

You have green fingers?

Then you`re in the right place with us. In over 40 theme gardens, you can soak up ideas from horticultural farms showing you how a green oasis can be created with individual concepts and skilled implementation. Life and living in the garden becomes a tangible experience. Here you can enjoy yourself, find information, see, test and feel. Immerse yourself in a sea of blossoms and a dazzling array of botanical diversity: over 9.000 labelled plants continue to pleasantly surprise you. 35 plant species – some of which are internationally unique –are highly valued by specialist against a background of conservation of varieties and species – and hobby gardeners are delighted with a superb blossom display.

The Park

The central exhibition area of the Park of Gardens having functioned as the area of the first Lower Saxonian horticultural exhibition in the year 2002 with its 40 theme and exemplary gardens, the world-famous rhododendron park with its sound-effect producing islands and the scenery of the horticultural show in Elmendorfer Straße 40, Bad Zwischenahn-Rostrup measures roughly 14 hectares (35.6 acres).

Except for a few alterations such as the recently designed arboretum which has taken the place of tents originally providing accommodation for gastronomy and flower shows the previous constellation of this area has remained with its playgrounds, gastronomic facilities, its wooden observation tower, its roofed stage and, of course, collections, product range, open-air exhibition, ground and watercourses as well as the floral band. From now on flowers and plants will be on exhibition in the glass house next to the pavilion.

On the one hand the Park of Gardens, also known as the horticultural center of Lower Saxony, is the shop window of Lower Saxonian horticulture, but on the other hand it is also an extracurricular place of studying approved by the Cultural Ministry of Lower Saxony, where groups of nursery-school children and school classes of all ages can choose from about 30 different educational programs and where in-service programs for teachers can be held.

Moreover, the park accommodates collections of very different and valuable plants serving as an assortment for inspection as well as a genetic pool. Varied events and actions will again accompany the visitors to the Park of Gardens.

The important thing about it is the fact that service continues to be emphasized. Free wheelchairs and wooden carts well adapted to the level ground, lockers, lavatories for the handicapped as well as baby-care rooms are up to standard. Comprehensive information leaflets covering the themes of the exhibition and, last but not least, numerous chairs, benches and sun-beds inviting one to stay form a holistic symbiosis between man and the garden.

The circular route, which is about 2.5 km long, can easily be scouted out in about 3 hours. The area is suitable for handicapped persons and has a system of horizontal ways and paths as well as lavatories with wheelchair access.


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