Park visit

Into the nature!

Experience 140,000 square meters of nature with all your senses - smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing, feeling.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your own garden, information about plants, a relaxing day out with family and friends, or you simply want to experience the wonderful diversity of garden culture:

this and a whole lot more can be found in the Park of Gardens. As one of the most beautiful parks in Germany, this former State Garden Show 2002 has been captivating visitors every year anew and has become a cosmopolitan meeting place for garden and nature-lovers both young and old.

The Park can be enjoyed from spring to autumn with ever new and changing inspired ideas. An exhilarating diversity of garden and cultural attractions await you.

Over 90 theme gardens, plant collections other contributions as well as thousands and thousands of spring and summer flowers - offering you a whole range of stimuli and information providing a fascinating insight into the world of gardens.

Not forgetting the hands-on exhibition „A Treasure Chest in green“, a children‘s playground and culinary treats - garden pleasure pure.