The Park with over 40 theme gardens

Theme gardens

The garden is seen as a perfect symphony of colors and forms, odors and inspirations following an individual composition where the ideas of nature are reflected.
This arrangement forms a refreshing ensemble which attaches great importance to flora as man’s companion. The private sphere of the house finds it continuation outside.

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Our contributions are meant to help people visiting the Park of Gardens to enrich their view of natural things by some new facets. In this context nature conservation is dealt with as thoroughly as information concerning upcoming raw materials.

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Everywhere in the park you will find areas reserved for special communities of plants united according to their origin or their demands on their habitat, ranging from “Alpinum” with its alpine plants followed by the extensive collection of bamboos up to the “Arboretum”, the recently created area of ornamental coppice.

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Events in the Park der Gärten

In our series of attractive events, there is something special for all: for plant hunters, trendsetters, romantics, music-lovers or games enthusiasts.

With enormous appeal, our events attract thousands of visitors – year after year.

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